Tips for Gift Wrapping Like a Pro

Gift-giving should be fun, not stressful. It’s a great way to show detail, appreciation, attention, and affection devoted to the person receiving the gift. Follow these tips to get the stress out of wrapping. 

Prep your area and your tools: find a comfortable space and make sure you have enough paper, scissors, tape, ribbon, and other decorations.

Place the package down and enter on the paper, pull the paper up over the sides of the gift and make sure each side overlaps the other at least a bit, cut the paper. 

When ready to wrap, place gift top-down and center of the paper. Fold sides overlapping the middle. One side should be folded so as to hide the paper cut and the other side placed under it. Secure with tape. 

Fold short sides first to create long flaps at the bottom and top of your gift, preventing it from moving around inside the paper. Fold long flaps after, then secure with tape. 

Turn over and place bow. If making your own bow, do not cut until you have finished making the bow. 

Add last touch embellishments of your choice to package or card. 

Happy Wrapping!